The city of Florence is a keystone to Italian culture. As a hub of art, food, and music, it has been a home to countless influencers of Western enlightenment and sophistication. This documentary was created to highlight the importance of historical Florence - targeted at Americans who only view it as a tourist destination.




University of Rochester


February - May 2016

My Role

I story-boarded, conducted interviews, filmed, and edited for a 7 minute segment of what would go on to become the documentary When Florence Is The Place You Call Home. I worked with both original film and pre-recorded film from Italy.


My production group, consisting of myself and 2 other students, focused specifically on art in Florence. As such, we decided to interview an Italian art expert. We selected Professor Alessandra Baroni, the curator of the art collections at the Fraternità dei Laici-Bartolini Collection of prints and drawings, and author of numerous publications on medieval and modern art. We filmed her in the library and asked her a variety of questions about famous Italian artists, their effects on modern art, and the influence of older Italian politics and customs (themes like patronage). While she talked, we also shot B-Rolls.

Baroni's interview inspired a new direction for our segment. We decided to paint a picture of how central art was to Florentine culture and how, to this day, it remains a city of artisans. We used clips of the interview we filmed, as well as sections of dubbed interviews shot by our professor, Federico Siniscalco. Professor Siniscalco also provided B-Rolls of the city of Florence. For post-production, we utilized Final Cut Pro - relying heavily on its marking system to aid our storyboard. Inspired by common documentary techniques, we employed short fades and fade-outs to transition from scene to scene. The final product can be found below.

Exploring and Creating
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