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Nimbus Syllabus was born out of pure frustration with existing web applications like Google Drive. These sites are often complicated to use - changing the order of files listed with no rhyme or reason. Nimbus Syllabus exists to be a logical, more intuitive alternative.


Google Drive Alternative


University of Rochester


October - December 2016

My Role

I worked as a developer, layout designer, and coder. Most of my work revolved around JavaScript and jQuery.

Project Goals

The site is specifically targeted for students so we wanted to streamline convenience. We created a timeline for users to see the schoolwork they created in chronological order. Our goals were easy and logical organization of files, quick creation of folders for storage, and the ability to share work.

How It Works

The first thing a user can do on our site is create an account. All login information (username, password, etc.) goes into a SQL database so that the user can sign in later and be recognized by the system. Once a user logs on, there are a few things they can do. There are two main components to our site - the timeline creation system and the file upload system. Before any files can be uploaded, a timeline must be created. A user can create an infinite number of timelines. Each timeline can be designated a name and a color (if no color is specified, one is automatically assigned). The timelines can easily be edited to have a new name or new color, or easily deleted if they are no longer useful. Timelines can also be easily rendered to either hide or show their content and move based on relevance; the most recently edited ones and the ones that have recently had files added to them move to the top. In this way, users can quickly find the last thing they were working on.

The file edit system is relatively intuitive to use. All groups have the option, upon expansion, to “Add Coursework.” This function allows users to easily upload any type of file and name it anything they wish. Every individual filetype is color coded so they are easily differentiated. Once a file is clicked, it is opened in a new tab. All timelines have corresponding SQL databases that keep track of files added and remove deleted files upon clicking.

Future Improvements

If this project were to continue into the future, I would design a more appealing frontend. The focus of the product was backend and backend technology so the HTML/CSS component was mostly forgotten about until the end.